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Electronic Media, Video

Class Descriptions: Electronic Media, Video

All entries must be submitted online as an attached file, as a Web link or downloadable through a service such as Dropbox. Judges will consider a project's budget and the use of available resources.

Judging: Design 20%, Content 20%, Technical Quality 20%, Creativity/Artistic Style 20%, Effectiveness 20%

Class 29 — News and features. Submit a news story or short feature prepared for commercial or noncommercial broadcast or cable-news use. Cue sheet(s) should be included. Online submissions only.

Class 30 — Programs. Submit one complete program — a special program, documentary or regularly produced program — aired on commercial, noncommercial or cable outlets. If submitting a series, submit up to three 10-minute samples from programs in the series. Online submissions only.

Class 31 — Spot production. Submit a single or a series of television public service or spot announcements. One entry may include no more than five spots. No spot may be longer than 60 seconds. Cue sheet(s) should be included. Online submissions only.

Class 32 — Promotional productions. Submit video productions specifically used for promotion. Entry may be designed for broadcast, nonbroadcast or cable use and may be of any length. Online submissions only.

Class 33 — Informational or noncredit educational video production. Submit video productions designed for noncredit educational and informational uses. Typically, these productions are viewed in meetings or workshops, by individuals or groups. Though not designed for broadcast, programs may air on educational or public access television. Online submissions only.

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